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October 2007
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Issue 2007.10.29
The Dman
Vikki Blows 2008 Right Out of the Water
This little British vixen is among the other pinup models from the Old Country to release a 2008 wall hanger with the difference being that she’s not blond and not so endowed that she won’t have to visit a chiropractor once a week. We like differences if this is what different looks like. (Also featured: Vikki being all sexy-like in non-calendar ways.)
Bai Ling Shows Nipples On Purpose
That fact that Bai Ling’s nipples are out in the open is hardly news but the fact that it wasn’t an accident might be news. Not CNN worthy news but silly non-mind provoking publications like this, it is. This sexy little pictorial probably won’t get the attention that her last bunnymag nude spread did simply because George Lucas can’t fire her this time. If only Jar Jar Binks did some porn before the release of The Phantom Menace and maybe George would’ve cut all of his scenes too. (Also featured: Bai Ling nude in “Edmond”)
Sexy Girls Remain Popular Among Avid Date Keepers (Members Bonus)
Reports suggest that those who love to keep track of the days of the month also love looking at naked ladies... and kittens doing the darndest things. But since we’re not a publication catering to creepy cat people but to creepy shut-ins who hunger for celebrity nudity, we’re going to focus on the former part of the report. Many of the 2008 calendar girls have released some extra and often more revealing goodies not seen in their calendars which we have some very HQ versions here. Along with those extra bits we have some previews of upcoming wall hangers, some full (and better) versions of calendars we’ve already featured in the last while along with a few non-calendars pics of a couple ’08 calendar girls. (The ladies with 2008 calendars featured: Bianca Gascoigne, Chanelle Hayes, Emily Scott, Keeley Hazell, Lauren Pope, Michelle Marsh, Nina Moric, Rhian Sugden, Sophie Howard and Vikki Blows.)
Nudography, Maria Schneider
French actress in the very famous movie 'Last Tango in Paris (1972)
Issue 2007.10.27
The Dman
Eva Horvath of the Hungarian Universe
Voted Miss Universe Hungary (didn’t know Hungary was a universe) in 1997 and competed in the Miss World Contest in 1998, Eva Horvath is unlike most high ranked pageant partakers in North America in that she doesn’t shy away from getting a little naked from time to time. Here’s a nice little black and white pictorial of the person we just talked about a few sentences ago.
Adrienn Tiszeker Is Also from Hungary
I don’t think we’ve featured this many Hungarian models in the last year as we have this month. Adrienn herself (at least someone claiming to be her) was nice enough to send some of these pictures our way. Perhaps, to get her name “out there” amongst you interwebbers and possible model employers. It’s amazing but true that a lot of legit people in the entertainment and modeling business frequent sites like ours for talent. At least, this is what we like to tell ourselves so we can think there’s something positive coming out of ten plus years of wasting our lives on this site. Oh, pop by AdriennTiszeker.com when you’re done here if you so fancy...
Eva Horvath Looks Slippery and Sparkly and Dare We Say Spankable Part I (Members Bonus)
The aforementioned Hungarian hottie is going to wow you with this huge (we mean in size, quantity and slicked-up-shiny-hard-bodied goodness) collection. These super high-rez photos leave little to the imagination despite her skimpy bikinis with their near lack of presence.
Eva Horvath Part II (Members Bonus)
More of the oiled up Hungarian...
Eva Horvath Part III (Members Bonus)
Yes. Even more... and maybe the slipperiest and sparkliest and spankabliest of the bunch...
Nudography, Under the L, Smore Later
Linn Thomas, Lisa-Ann Brown, Lisa-Ann Cabasa, Lisa-Bronwyn Moore, Lisa-Robin Kelly, Lisan Huynh, Lisa Barbuscia, Lisa Blount, Lisa Cassidy, Lisa Comshaw, LIsa Engelman, Lisa Falcone, Lisa Glaser, Lisa Grant, Lisa Huynh, Lisa King, Lisa Kuschell, Lisa Langlois, Lisa London, Lisa McCune, Lisa Robert, Lisa Wilhoit, Lisbeth Olsen, Liv Ullmann, Lizbeth Zachrisson, Liz Crawford, Locky Lambert, Lolana , Lola Falana, Loles Leon, Lolita Chammah, Lone Skye, Loni Sanders, Lora Zane, Loredana Cannata
Issue 2007.10.25
The Dman
Sophie Howard Is Never Not Topless
Before the arrival of her 2008 time chart comes out, here is one of Sophie Howard’s more recent shots (and some slightly less recent) where once again she makes her case for the total non-need for wearing a top.
Mixed Up Miscellany
Lanky and sexy British model Amii Grove; fellow Brit model Casey Batchelor; actress Elizabeth Banks (in a rather sheer top) who you may know as the kinky girl Steve Carell picks-up at the bookstore in “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” or as the mother of JD’s kid on “Scrubs”; more of the Greek model Gogo Mastrokosta; Argentina’s Ivana Palotti, Australia’s Kat Cross, American Beauty’s Mena Suvari topless but covered but sill sexy-like and former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger who really needs to just get naked already.
The Possible Nudier Shots of Lucy Pinder (Members Bonus)
In our continuing (and pathetic) search for a possible Lucy Pinder 2008 calendar that has her naked or at least topless throughout the entire year finds us with the following findings. Some of these HQ shots (which aren’t the ones that appear to be obvious scans from magazines or newspapers OR shots from what we already established as being her one version of a calendar we showed last time) seem very calendar worthy and very not clothed from the waist up. (This is a very awkward paragraph.) Oh, forget it. We have no idea what is what. Let’s just enjoy the pictures and stop cramping our brains figuring out if they’re from a calendar or not.
Nudography, Under the L, Smore Later
Some foreign and little known names, Lena Skoog, Lenka Kripac, Lenka Novak, Lenore Zann, Leonor Valera, Leonor Watling, Lesley-Anne Down, Lesley Zenn, Lesli-Kay Sterling, Leslie Bovee, Leslie Culton, Leslie Glass, Leslie Harter, Leslie Ryan, Leslie Stefanson, Leticia Gantt, Liane Forestieri, Lia Beldam, Libby George, Licinia Lentini, Lidija Zovkic, Lika Kremer, Lilia Zelinna, Lili Carat, Lili Taylor, Linda Ashton, Linda Hayden, Linda Hoffman, Linda Oneil, Linda Scruggs, Lindsay Freeman, Lindsay Maxwell, Lindsey Veenendaal, Line Kruse
Issue 2007.10.23
The Dman
Lucy Pinder Was Supposed To Be Nuder In 2008
With Lucy’s new found nudism and the previews we’ve been seeing for the past few month’s, one would have thought her 2008 calendar would have little more nudity. Perhaps, like Keeley, she’s doing 2 calendars. One for the office and for the office bathroom. However, there are a few topless shots here. So one would assume that this is not office material unless you move it into the bathroom for about half the year and that clearly seems unsanitary. So we’ll have to wait and see about that more nakeder calendar from Ms. Pinder...
Nina Moric Shows Her Bum For Much of 2008
Croatian born model Nina Moric who still has yet to do anything more than be in a Ricky Martin video which happened in the last decade. At least, that’s what it seems to North American audiences without the internet. However, to those with the internet and especially those in Europe know that Nina has appeared in numerous photo pictorials most of which show her bum. There must be something more to this lady seeing that she has been given her own 2008 calendar. Well, maybe not. Maybe it only took that whole nice bum shtick that she’s got going. Here are some highlights from her 08 calendar along with some other miscellaneous shots.
Chiqui Marti of Spain
Spanish dancer whose flair for eroticism might be considered a stripper by those who can’t see past their own hang ups with anything that is remotely related to sexuality. Chiqui has appeared as host for a number of TV shows in Spain over the years showing off her skills as a dancer... ( stripper...) and developed a concept called Strip-Art. Which means taking off your clothes... artfully? Yeah, that’s it. It’s not about the nudity but the process of... getting naked? Either way, it’s about getting naked and how it can be good for you. Sounds good to us.
South American Smorgesborge (Members Bonus)
These are the Americans that come from the Southern continenent which is the home of countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uriguay and Colombia to name a few (for your geography lesson of the day) where many of their citizens have held on to their more European attitudes towards sex. They maintain a certain amount of honesty and open mindedness about sex compared to their Northern immigrant cousins. Perhaps because more of their conquerers were from the sexier countires like Spain and Portugal. So with all that, it appears that this liberalism (or rationalsism as we like ot call it) has allowed their female models and celebs to be a little more free with their sexuality in their media. Causing a huge influx of South Americans to hit the nude celeb website arena as of late. Such as Belen Francese, Betina Capetillo, Claudia Fernandez, Evangelina Anderson, Jessica Cirio, Luciana Bianchi, Nazarena Valez, Nazarena Velez and Sabrina Rojas. Despite their focus on the rear, the South American countires have the highest rates from plastic surgery (breast enhancement more so) per capita in the world which could be said to be a shared trait with their North American counterparts. Oh and that whole complete destruction of native civilizations thing we both mastered.
Nudography, Hishikawa Minami
Hishikawa Minami in 'Forbidden Wet Tales'
Nudography, Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman in 'Hotel Chevalier (2007)' and 'Closer (2004/I)'
Nudography, Jenny McCarthy
jenny McCarthy in 'Dirty Love (2005)'
Issue 2007.10.21
The Dman
Hungry for Szatmari Bea
Ok, we copped out and went with the hungry pun for this Hungarian model. We’re such losers...
Nancy Rodriguez of Spanish Speaking Region of the World
This lady is a model who warrants being on a cover of some international edition of a magazine along with a pictorial inside. Funny enough, she has both... and here they are.
Gogo Mastrokosta of Greece
Greek actress who has some great fully nude photos which appeared here in 2002 that are now in the database... so gogo there if you wish...
Julia Paes aka Michele Alves of Brazil (Members Bonus)
Hopefully, one of those two names will clue you in to who this sexy little Brazilian brunette is. If not, perhaps the pictures will. If you still don’t know she is after all that, don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter.
Nudography, Jane Birkin
Brit Jane Birkin in some non Brit films.
Nudography, Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis i 'Death Wish 3 (1985)', 'Blind Date (1984)', 'The Wicked Lady (1983)' and a bit more current 'Paradise Lost (1999/I)'
Issue 2007.10.19
The Dman
Keeley Hazell Is Naked for Most of 2008
Seems we were too quick to pan Keeley’s so-called calendar that we previously showed which turned out to be just a preview of the real thing. Sometimes, we’re not too bright. Cute, but not too bright. So here is the full 2008 calendar featuring Keeley Hazell: the NAKED version... although for the heck of it, here’s her non-nude version as well for all you nipplephobics.
Hungarian Model Not Getting Hungry Pun Placed In Her Headline
Nagy Nori is probably like many women and doesn’t really care for the pun humour. So we will refrain from the cheesy and weak Hungary hungry play on words. Instead, we will fill this area with stupid text explaining how we aren’t going to pun it up all for the purpose of introducing naked pictures of a Hungarian model. I really need to find something better to do.
Nadja ab del Farrag Is Naked (Members Bonus)
And that’s about all we know except that she’s a German actress slash model slash TV host slash pretty lady.
Nudography, Maggie Gyllenhaal
in 'SherryBaby (2006)', 'Strip Search (2004)' and 'Secretary (2002)'. This New York born actress will very likely win an Oscar in her career.
Nudography, Maribel Verdu
Spanish actress Maribel Verdu in multiple productions.
Issue 2007.10.17
The Dman
Eva Mendes Practically Naked, Rather Pretty
Along with better images of this recent photo shoot seen here before featuring the actress from the current film “We Own The Night” we have some new shots from this pretty set of pictures of a strategically naked Eva Mendes.
Bodyline 2008
From the makers of the previously seen Pumped Up Down Under calendar is the 2008 Bodyline Calendar featuring well sculpted Australian fitness models.
They Are Real and They Are Spectacular (Members Bonus)
Actually, we can’t vouch on the realness of the following breasts. Nor, can we say in any factual way that they also spectacular. That’s always a matter of opinion. However, we will put ourselves on the line, because we are such outspoken rebels, and say that Amii Grove, Cara Brett, Kayleigh Pearson, Kitty Lea, Lindsey-Anne Strutt, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Rhian Sugden, Sam Cooke, Sophie Howard and Tanya Robinson all have some very eye pleasing... personalities.
Nudography, J Part 4 Of A Bunch
Misc caps of Julianne Nicholson, Julia Blohina, Julia Blohin, Julia Brendler, Julia Dietze, Julia Gayet, Julia Jaeger, Julia Kruis, Julia Nickson, Julia Richter, Julia Schacht, Julia Stegner, Julia Stemberger, Julie-Ann Gillitt, Juliette Alexander, Juliette Charles, Juliette Cummins, Juliet Berto, Julie Austin, Julie Benz, Julie Brown, Julie Christie, Julie Delpy, Julie Durand, Julie Ege, Julie Gayet, Julie Graham, Julie Hughes, Julie Judd, Julie Kirwan, Julie Meadows, Julie Warner, Julie Wiggen, Juli Williams, Jullian Wells, Justina Vail, Justine DeSade, Jutta Speidel
Issue 2007.10.15
The Dman
Lucy and Lindsey Have Breasts
Such a bold headline warrants proof. So our cracked staff of one sacrificed their mindless personal time with the television to dig deep for this report and scour the internet to prove that British models Lucy Pinder and Lindsey Strutt both, in fact, have breasts. The following proof will lead you to the same conclusion if this nonsensical writing hasn’t already made you leave the site. (Due to our archaic early 2000s web technology, please don’t mind the duplicated mages for they are for filing purposes only.)
Poll Finds That Americans Believe Asia Is Their Favourite Oriental Country
Since polls are always completely never not once incorrect, we take facts like this and give the Americans what they want by providing photos of actresses Saki Takaoka andl Sora Aoi who are from their most best favourite place in the Orient, that fine and hard to find on the map country, Asia.
Paparazzi Fodder (Members Bonus)
The former Baywatcher and former healthy-weighted Brooke Burns who we really noticed after she went brunette when she was on some show which then got cancelled but after seeing these bikini candids, we plea that she eats again. Then there’s Jennifer Aniston caught in a bikini again along with a very topless Kerry Katona, and Laura Chiatti. Who they are we don’t know. Then there’s the fine bottomed Lola Ponce on a yacht and a very topless g-stringed Stanimira Koleva who was or is a former Miss something or other.
Nudography, J Part 3 Of A Bunch
Misc caps of Jodie Fisher, Jodi Fleisher, Joelle Coeur, Joey House, Joey Richardson, Johanna-Ter Steege, Johanna Quintero, Johanna Sallstrom, Joleigh Fioreavanti, Jordana Brewster, Josephine Butler, Jose Way, Josie Bissett, Josie Davis, Josie Maran, Josi Preuss, Jovita Bush, Joy Bryant, Joy Payne, Jo Johnston, Juana Acosta, Judith Godreche, Judit Denes, Judy Aronson, Judy Brown, Judy Cassidy, Judy Davis, Judy Greer, Judy Pace, Juliana Batista, Juliana Kincaid
Issue 2007.10.13
The Dman
Supermodel Salad
A fine mix of fresh green models along with classically aged models full of flavour all with little to no dressing including Adriana Lima, Adriana Mucinska, Alessandra Ambrosia, Alessandra Ambrosio, Amy Wesson, Angelika Wierzbicka, Bianca Balti, Darla Baker, Dji Dieng, Elsa Hosk, Helena Christensen, Ilze Bajare, Izabel Goulart, Noreen Carmody, Selita Ebanks, Stephanie Seymour, Valentina Zeliaeva, Valeriya Melnik, Veronica Varekova and Victoria Hertel.
Capitalism Is Sexy You Dirty Hippy
Dontcha know spreading a shiny logo across the globe to promote a company brand that hires children with the smallest of dexterous hands to manufacture it’s seemingly must-have product that could actually be considered completely useless by anyone with an ounce of perspective and yet sold by the billions by people already tens of thousands in debt from the other irresistible crap they bought is... so damn sexy. If you don’t believe us, check out these sexy ads. To be honest, there is one set of ads here that’s uses both wit and sex to sell its men’s underwear that we find somewhat respectful because of its creativity. It actually brings up a point that we made the last time we featured sexy ads: the fact that so many women’s products use sexualized female images to sell their products which seems illogical. However, this ad campaign below finally uses sound logic by using hot female models to sell their men’s product to men.
Catwalking (Members Bonus)
Ever watch Fashion Television (or its equivalent in your country) and play Spot the Nipple? Yeah, neither do I... but it seems like it’d be great drinking game considering FTV (and shows like it) will always and quite suddenly flash a bouncy nipple on the runway enough times that you could get a good buzz. Then you could throw in the rule that you have to take a shot every time some art snob is interviewed about the new collection and use the words “emotion” and/or “amazing.” You’ll find yourself hammered in no time.
Nudography, J Part 2 Of A Bunch
Misc caps of Jennifer Ehle, Jennifer Hill, Jennifer Ludlow, Jennifer Nitsch, Jennifer Pugh, Jennifer Starr, Jennifer Ulrich, Jennifer Walcott, Jenny-Marie Muck, Jenny Dubasso, Jenny Leone, Jenny Seagrove, Jenny Wallace, Jenya Lano, Jen Taylor, Jen Wettlaufer, Jerri Byrne, Jesse Capelli, Jessica Boehrs, Jessica Campbell, Jessica Drake, Jessica Fiorentino, Jessica Frueh, Jessica Helmer, Jessica Jordan, Jessica Liedberg, Jessica Pare, Jessica Schwarz, Jessica Zanden, Jezebelle Bond, Jillian McWhirter, Jill Pierce, Jill Whitlow, Jin-Jae Yeong, Jin-Seo Yun, Joana Rane, Joanna Pacula, Joanna Preiss, Joanna Taylor, Joanne Boland, Joanne Whalley, Joan Allen, Jodie Fisher
Issue 2007.10.11
The Dman
Sienna Miller An Even Nakeder Hippy
More behind the scenes shots of Sienna Miller naked on the set of Hippy Hippy Shake continue to beg the question: where the hell is security? We also wonder if this film is a period piece, wasn’t the landing strip a lot less popular among the hippies than say, the vaginafro? Maybe they’ll cg that in. Another question to ask your self is: do I want to completely spoil movie’s plot by seeing these very very naked photos of Sienna Miller before the movie even comes out? The answer would be a firm hell yes.
International Site Seeing
Argentina’s Adabel Guerrero, Belen Lavallen, Candace Kroslak, and Valeria Archimaut with Britain’s Seren Gibson and the U S of America’s Tera Patrick.
Doing Porn Actually Helps Your Career Now
Yes, it’s the old story of a young up and comer looking to find that one career move that propels their career from class Z to the A class celebrity level. Paris did it. Well, she maybe only notched herself from level D to C, but it did make an impact in her favour. Now here’s a strange little story out of France. Apparently, the winner of FHM France's "High Street Honeys" competition. model Virginie Gervais (28) used her winning cash prize to produce her own adult film which appeared on the interwebs. In the past, you’d think such a move would crash her career right into the poop chute. Funny enough, she does that in her video. However, it actually propelled her career quickly into the positive end of things. She now calls herself Virginie Caprice and is getting gigs in TV commercials, music videos, films and of course, magazines. I wonder when it’s going to get the point that an elected US President can have porn in their past and have it actually raise their polls. Warning: for the first time on this site, there are actual pictures of the sexy time in all its grossness ahead. So if the sex offends you, you might want to leave the internet RIGHT NOW.
Mixed Bag of Goodness (Members Bonus)
Afef Jnifen, Ainett Stephens, Angela Bustillo, Ashika , Asia Argento, Benedicta Boccoli, Bessie Bardot, Bibee Assavayutthakul, Carolina Barbero, Catarina Gouveia, Charlotte Krona, Chyler Leigh, Clara Morgane, Claudia Lizaldi, Daniela Gonzalez, Dayanara Torres, Debbie Rochon, Erin Cahill, Eva Carrozzo, Eva Mendes, Fannie Luscher, Francesco Caruso, Giulia Siegel, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Iris Maris, Jen Johnson, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian, Linda Santaguida, Luciana Salazar, Maddalena Corvaglia, Maria Swan, Micaela Schafer, Michelle Garcia, Michelle , Monique Adams, Natalie Gulbis, Nicole Scherzinger, Nina Senicar, Pauline Pedryc, Paz Vega, Sari Evi, Seren Gibson, Svetoslava Simeonova, Tami Donaldson, Tila Tequila, Valeria Marini, Vanessa Demouy, Venesa Talor, Vida Guerra, Vivian Masmela, Yolanthe Van-Kasbergen and Yuliya Mayarchuk.
Nudography, J Part 1 Of A Bunch
Misc caps of Jacqueline Laurent, Jacqueline Lowell, Jacqylyn Moet, Jacy Andrews, Jaime Elle, Jamie-Ellen Mann, Jamie Hagan, Jamie Summers, Jana Kaderabkova, Jana Schulz, Jana Thompson, Janet Agren, Janet Lane, Janet McTeer, Janet Suzman, Jane Allsop, Jane Scarlett, Jane Tsentas, Janina Hartwig, Janina Wissler, Janine Maldonado, Janine Theriault, Janine Turner, Janis Joplin, Jaqueline Poeggel, Jasmin Gerat, Javiera Diaz, Jayne Heitmeyer, Jeana Tomasina, Jeanne Moreau, Jeanne Savary, Jeannie Bell, Jean Harlow, Jean Poremba, Jenna Bodnar, Jenna Bodner, Jennifer-Rae Westley, Jennifer Aspen, Jennifer Autry, Jennifer Behr, Jennifer Burton, Jennifer Ehle
Issue 2007.10.09
The Dman
Pumped Up Down Under 2008
A calendar from Australia featuring, from what we can tell, mostly fitness models. We know one of them being Stacey McMahon and another who’s also an actress from the Aussie show Neighbours, Nicky Whelan.
They are the fierce females from the faux sport whose fans frequently forget it’s fake. Fools. Holy asstasitc alliteration. Speaking of asstastic, we’re assuming much of the adoring audience is admiring the action because of all the awesome ass advertised. We still find this silly sideshow seriously stupid but so is most the schlock we sit down to watch on stelevision. (Ok, we cheated on that last one.) Here’s WWE’s Candice Michelle, Christy Hemme, Layla El, (TNA’s) Leticia Cline, Melina Perez and Trish Stratus.
More Unreality (Members Bonus)
These are ladies you probably wouldn’t want to introduce Mom to. It just seems like the type of women (people in general) that signup for these reality shows are just plain bad news. They are naturally born manipulators and seem far too comfortable with it. They are Big Brother UK’s Aisleyne Horgan and Chanelle, Big Brother’s Amy Alexandra, Popstar’s Chantelle Barry, Celebrity UK Big Brothers’ Danille Lloyd, Aussie Big Brother’s Emma Cornell, Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavallari, Secret Story’s Ophelie Marie, Big Brother Australia’s Susannah Murray and Next Top Model and Celebrity Fit Club’s Toccora Jones.
Nudography, Julie Strain
Over 110 films, TV, producer, even a cartoon character in Heavy Metal 2000, hot Julie Strain.
Nudography, Many Jennys (Members Bonus)
Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Gregs Dharma Finklestein Montgomery), Jennifer-Elise Cox (CSI, NIp-Tuck), Jennifer Gayle (one and only production 'Killer Sex'), Jennifer Holland (also CSI), Jennifer Lyons (More than 40 productions since 1995), Jennifer McComb (episodes in plenty of TV shows), Jennifer Sky (CSI Miami and other TV appearances), Jenni Banerjee (Finnish TV actress), Jennifer Esposito (over 40 productions since 1995 New Yorker has been very busy. Here in 'Crash (2004/I)')
Issue 2007.10.07
The Dman
Keeley Naked In Fake Calendar 2008
Ok, for once when they say naked, they almost are telling the truth. Keeley is indeed showing all but one bit of her parts here. But calling this a calendar is a big stretch. Most of these nudie calendars really are nothing but nude photos with small numbers that coincidentally follow the days of the months, but for this time, they have completely abolished the actual calendar dates. Plus, these photos are from a magazine or some sort. Hardly a calendar. Although, maybe these are pictures from a magazine that talks about Keeley’s upcoming calendar instead. That makes more sense, but who knows? We don’t “read” magazines.
South American Site Seeing
The site we are seeing from the American South is Claudia Fernandez who’s south region is often sought.
More Real Nakedness (Members Bonus)
Some of Keeley Hazell’s fellow full bosomed model friends have been shedding their clothes again. It appears Lucy Pinder is about to release her own nude calendar for the upcoming year as seen from these sneak peak shots. Emily Scott has decided to go brunette and despite our preference for the dark hairs, we actually think Emily makes for a better blond, but Jesus Christ people, we are hardly complaining. She’s still a stunner. Not so much a stunner but one who likes to get naked is Lindsey-Anne Strutt. Then there’s one of those lame top lists counting down the hottest brunettes. We’re not normally a fan of these lists because like most top music lists, they’re full of mediocrity and all out crap. However, this one has some clear gems in the lot. One of these days we’re going to rig up our own top celeb lists so we can rate our correct opinions from 1 to 100. Oh, and we’ve thrown in some other goodies into the pile...
Nudography, Janaina Lima
Hot in Brazil. Brazilan Popstar finalist Janaina Lima in Emmanuelle in Rio (2003).
Nudography, Jena Romano
Jena Romano in Big Brothers 'Voyeur.com (2000)'
Issue 2007.10.05
The Dman
Joanna Krupa 2008
Your favourite Polish Chicagoan has spoiled us with a great looking and mostly NUDE calendar for 2008. Very nice. Now if we could only find these images at a larger size so as to enjoy the artistry of it better... while we wait for that, here are a few other mixed shots of this cutie.
Sienna Miller Mad, Naked
It appears movie sets have absolutely no security anymore. Even for what you would think would be a closed set for a nude scene. We’ve seen some of these shots of Sienna Miller all hippied out on the set of Hippie Hippie Shake before but here’s more. She doesn’t look like a happy naked hippy which is what those naked hippies are supposed to be: happy.
Jessica Micari Is Someone You Should Meet (Members Bonus)
Well, perhaps actually meeting Jessica is as likely as her being as smart, funny and cool as she looks physically. So maybe we just have to look at her from afar and pretend she knows about world affairs, likes to watch a hockey game with you, and thinks your jokes are hilarious and can even throw back some hilarity back at you. Is it actually possible for a woman that looks this amazing be that amazing in all aspects of her personality? Perhaps... but again, we’re never gonna meet her. Now that we’ve depressed you... take a look at this and cheer up...
Nudography, Sienna Miller
Brit Sienna Miller in 'Alfie (2004)'
Nudography, Jordan Ladd
Jordan Ladd (Grindhouse, Death Proof, Cabin Fever...) here in 'Club Dread (2004)'
Issue 2007.10.03
The Dman
Melyssa Ford of The Great White North
We were a little surprised to find out that Melyssa was born in Toronto just based on her pictorial work which often has that “All American” flavour to them. You know, with the stars and stripes in the background or she’d be sporting army fatigues or be posed next to a fast shiny car. Now we see her here in a Garden of Eden themed shoot which all good Christians know is an American myth.
Stacey Dash of U S and A
She was Alicia Silverstone’s buddy with the amazing eyes in the movie version of Clueless. Stacey hasn’t done any major or well-known roles since but has done some sexy little photo shoots showing off more than her eyes.
Tera Patrick of Pornville
Again another unique beauty that is probably greatly attributed to her mixed ethnic decent. Being a mutt these days isn’t as uncommon as it was in the old days. So to define ourselves by our racial heritage will thankfully go extinct as the so-called pure breads die off and we can start judging one another by more important things like what TV shows we watch or our music tastes. All Nickleback lovers go to the back of the bus.
Verona Pooth of Germany
Aka Verona Feldbusch has done a lot of TV show work in Germany usually playing herself. As in: being the host slash eye candy.
Ladies of the Empire (Members Bonus)
Gail Porter, Jennifer Ellison, Keeley Hazell, Keira Knightley, Kelly Brook and Lindsey-Anne Strutt are all ladies of the Evil Imperialistic British Empire that us North Americans fled from in order to preserve our right to eat turkey and kill Indians. At least that’s what my demented Grandfather told me.
Nudography, Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney in 'End of Days (1999)', 'Investigating Sex (2001)', 'Supernova (2000)', 'Open Window (2006)' and a 'vcom' career collage of this American beauty.
Nudography, Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson completely in the buff as Roxane in 'Alexander (2004)'
Issue 2007.10.01
The Dman
Cecilia Galliano of Mexico
Mexico’s Cecilia Galliano known for her TV hosting duties seen here in a very nice nude pictorial.
Emily Booth of England
England’s Emily Booth also known for her TV hosting duties along with some acting.
Emmanuelle Vaugier of Canada
Canada’s Emmanuelle Vaugier known for a large TVography including CSI: New York and Smallville along with movies like Saw 2 and the upcoming Tom Hanksless Bachelor Party 2. Plus, she’s beautiful... in case you missed it.
Ines Nobili of Italy
Italy’s Ines Nobili known for movies and TV work.
Wanda Nara of Argentina
We can Google these sexy models from South America all we want and us monolingual English speakers still won’t find out much more about these ladies because most sites are either in one of those foreign languages and/or they just tell us the same old cliché model bio crap that doesn’t really tell us anything except that they are hot or aspire to act. So we’ll just assume Wanda is an aspiring actress who is likes the sexy time. How’s that for an in depth bio?
Paparazzi Potpourri (Members Bonus)
A smorgasbord of celebrities from Hollywood and other places famous people come out and about pretending to be normal with notables like the lovely Monica Bellucci, the cute Giorgia Palmas, model Caprice Bourret, Kylie’s Sister Danni Minogue, Sadie Frost and her two sisters, Brit actress Jennifer Ellison, Lindsay Never Alohan, Italy’s very naked Nina Moric and a bunch of others... typing... hard...
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Babes of Babylon
photo: Laetitia Casta
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You'll see the thousands of celebrities The D-Man has collected pictures of and catalogued into an online encyclopedia-ish database along with all the useless celebrity factoids one would need to make small talk at parties or the office.

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