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Issue 2007.07.31 | Author : The D-Man

Learn Geography Through Naked Women Pictures

Match these countries to the right naked lady and you will receive a gold star: Spain, Spain, Spain, Spain, USA.
Emptying of the Stock Room (Members Bonus)
A large gathering of semi-interesting celebrity pictures (with some odd gems) that we’ve had stored in the back stock room gathering dust that we never brought out to the show room, until now.

Nudography, Janet Eilber

Janet Eilber in 'Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981)'
Nudography, Jennifer Jason-Leigh
Jennifer Jason-Leigh in 'Flesh Blood (1985)', 'Skipped Parts (2000)', Single White Female (1992)' and of course 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)'
Issue 2007.07.29 | Author : The D-Man

Granny Panties These Are Not

In the real world, the majority or people’s underwear are not sexy. They usually serve a practical purpose that has nothing to do with attracting a mate. However, based on the ads we see for underwear, everyone looks ridiculously sexy in their undergarments which have nothing to do with practicality. They of course feature the genetically gifted models (and sometimes celebrities) to make the knickers they are selling look as if you were to buy these panties, you’ll look exactly like this. That almost never happens. Here are some mutants (whose powers are being good looking) sporting non-practical but sexy underoos...
Potpourri of Oops (Members Bonus)
The accidental and not-so accidental moments of celebrity nudity caught on record...

Nudography, Jane Seymour

Nearing 90 films and still hot, Brit Jane Seymour here in 'Wedding Crashers (2005)' and 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977)'
Nudography, Jennifer Rubin
Jennifer Rubin in 'Delusion (1991)' and 'The Fear Inside (1992) (TV)'
Issue 2007.07.27 | Author : The D-Man

Can You Degg It

You probably can. British pinup model Jakki Degg has a fan base that we are guessing is more than 2 and less than 6 billions which give us good enough reason to take a moment to see why this tiny blond is so gosh darn popular.
Various Variousness
One of the superest of today’s supermodels; an Italian model; another Brazilian supermodel; a shapely Finnish born actress; a Venezuelan born model; Mickey Rourke’s ex; a Swede; a lady who will kick your ass; Gwen Stefani’s step-daughter... huh?; a “Lost” actress; an actress and a supermodel fit for your desktop; that Swank lady; a Belgian supermodel; an actress who played James Spader’s secretary on Boston Legal; an American Idol winner; a model we know little to nothing about; a French actress; a classic icon; a Japanese model; a supermodel turned actress; Orenlla Muti’s rather attractive daughter; an Australian actress who stars on “Without a Trace”; an wet actress in a sheer tank top; a classic shot of a classic supermodel by a classy photography; and lastly, an interesting little set of photos of a very odd couple who seem to think that they’re the shit.

The Sheer Audacity (Members Bonus)

Celebrities like to show up at various public events and get noticed and one of their weapons in the arsenals to get this attention is to wear something that ever-so-slightly which reveals their underneath. Some do it on purpose. Some do it by mistake. Either way, the paparazzi never fail to sniff out such opportunities and here is what they caught in their lenses often thanks to their powerful flashes...
Nudography, Jane Krakowski
Jane Krakowski in 'Alfie (2004)'

Nudography, Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilley in 'Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000)'
Issue 2007.07.25 | Author : The D-Man

The Fashionable Four

Ok, these are not THE fashionable four. It just sounded cool like “The Fantastic Four” which was not a cool movie by any means. Was that not a train-wreck of a sequel? Back to the fashion models who are Anna Krolicka of Poland, Inguna Butane of Latvia, American Kemp Muhl and Spain’s Vanessa Lorenzo who may be the more well known of the bunch here because of her appearances in the infamous SI Swimsuit Issue.
Sporting Wood (Members Bonus)
Every man has been in situations in life on at least a few occasions when it is NOT an appropriate time to have sexy thoughts. Usually, the old trick of thinking about math or Grandma or sports helps to get the sexy thoughts our of your mind. However, now there is a legion of sexy athletes our there that have taken away at least one of our anti-sexy thought tools. So men, if you ever use sports to get your mind cooled down, DON’T think about women’s beach volleyball, tennis or any other female track event for here are the reasons why it is dangerous...

Nudography, Jane Fonda

Well known actress and activist Jane Fonda in 'Coming Home (1978)', 'Barbarella (1968)' and 'Ronde, La (1964)'
Nudography, Jenny Agutter
British actress Jenny Agutter in 'Walkabout (1971)', 'An American Werewolf in London (1981)' and 'Amore, piombo e furore (1978)' and of course 'Logan's Run (1976)'
Issue 2007.07.23 | Author : The D-Man

Reality Star and Boobie Model One In The Same

It appears the British really have invented a new breed of celebrity. It’s the reality TV star slash boobie model. Other countries are quickly doing the same. It seems both jobs have the same requirements: mildly attractive, willing to be naked and not minding the fact that your career is going to last more than 15 minutes. Here is one these new hybrid celebrities, Britain’s Malene Espensen.
The Always Alluring Aria Giovanni
Surprisingly, this well known internet model hasn’t jumped the shark by going on a major reality show. Word is she’s one of those smarty pants. You know, some one who makes good decisions and is a critical thinker. So perhaps she would raise the bar too high if she were to appear on a mindless reality show.

The Misses (Members Bonus)

We once thought beauty pageants were on their way with the dinosaurs, racism and sexism and just go away because their time was over. Unfortunately, like racism and sexism, beauty pageants are still with us today. In fact, they seem to be on the rise starting about 10 years ago. They seem to have a “Miss” for everything from countries to tires to canned goods. If it means they can get a pretty girl to prance around like pure bred dog in a bikini, then they will come up with a contest to crown them Miss Whatever. We’d take the dinosaurs back if this is the best we can come up with to celebrate women. Stupid dinosaurs. Oh, the Misses are Miss SomeCannedGood Jerri Byrne, Miss Full Monty Lucy Pinder. Miss Muretto Melissa Satta. Miss Hungry Breakfast Michelle Marsh. The 2003 Miss Chica Man Spain / 2005 Miss Roberta, Girl of the Year, Italy / 2006 Miss Fashion TV, Greece Natalia Bush. Former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill and 2 former Miss Belgiums Tanja Dexters and Veronique de Kock.
Nudography, Jana Pallaske
German actress Jana Pallaske in 'Engel & Joe (2001)'

Nudography, Julian Wells

Julian Wells in 'Bite Me! (2004)' and 'Young and Seductive (2004) (TV)'
Issue 2007.07.21 | Author : The D-Man

International Site Seeing

We head to Colombia to see actress Maria Adelaida Puerta and then head over to France to check out actress Clara Morgane and finish our excursion in the UK to take a gander at Welsh model Seren Gibson.

Globe Continues To Warm Causing Shrinking of Swimwear and Infestation of Paparazzi (Members Bonus)

Among the most recent celebrity victims to be forced to wear skimpy bikinis because of global warming is the sometimes ditzy and tomboyish but other times the smarter than we expected and of course, drop-dead sexy Cameron Diaz. There’s a mouthful. (The sentence, not her. Well, she is but we weren’t meaning that at that particular time.) Then there’s Hayden Panettiere who is apparently a big deal among the young Heroes nerds. We kid the nerds. We plan on sitting down to watch season one of Heroes before the fall because we hear it’s a big deal. We round out this bikini clad collection with a pair of British ladies, a pair of Hiltons and a South American supermodel who seems to have disappeared in the last while. Looks like the paparazzi found her and it also looks like she could and should still be modeling.
Nudography, Emma Thompson
British actress Emma Thompson in 'Imagining Argentina (2003)'
Issue 2007.07.19 | Author : The D-Man

Bush Heightens Alert Status When He Hears Iran Is In Mexico

US President George W. Bush this week raised the terror alert to orange when he overheard one of his kitchen staff discussing what they recently saw on Telemondo. According to Bush, they kept mentioning how Iran was in Mexico and it would be a great day if Iran could finally break into America and blow us all away. When the kitchen staff was questioned about their obvious “terror” sounding conversation, they corrected the President by saying they were referring to Mexican actress Iran Castillo and how it’d be great to see her break into America and blow everybody away with her talent and beauty. Bush immediately called for the arrest of Iran for attacking the World Trade Center.
Lanisha Is Game
We could have gone with “Lanisha Got Game” but how cliché would that be? Just a bit more than what we settled for. Lanisha Cole has been the eye candy on such popular game shows as “The New Price Is Right” and “Deal or No Deal” and we only assume that she also wants tp become an actress. Now THAT’S cliché.

Unreal Chicks (Members Bonus)

Our distaste and weakness for reality shows is largely the fault of these ladies who make the contrived and what seems like monotonous situations somewhat titillating. They are Aislyne Horgan and Emily Parr from Big Brother UK; Krystal Forscutt from Big Brother Australia; Lauren Pope from Tycoon; Lianne Dauban from Shipwrecked; Mari Cielo-Pajares from La Granja (Spain); Naomi Millbank from Shipwrecked; and very large HD photos of Orlaith McAllister who was on Big Brother UK.
Nudography, Joanna Going
Of daytime soap fame, Joanna Going here in 'Lola (2001)', 'Commandments (1997)' and 'Wyatt Earp (1994)'

Nudography, Jill Clayburgh

Jill Clayburgh way back in 'An Unmarried Woman (1978)'
Nudography, Jane Adams
Jane Adams in 'The Anniversary Party (2001)'

Nudography, Julie Sell

Julie Sell in her only film 'Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000 (1994)'
Issue 2007.07.17 | Author : The D-Man

Wafe These Ladies Are Not

Wafer thin is not a reality for most women (or men) and sure, we can appreciate (in only a teeny tiny way) that the fashion industry can chose to use thin models to advertise their “art” if that’s how they think their work is best presented. However, anyone with a right mind can look at that industry and laugh at all its freak-show glory that it is and not buy into the unrealistic fantasy. Not that these girls from South America represent the common woman either but they at least appear healthy and are actually closer to what the average heterosexual male desires. Isn’t that what models are supposed to be used for? To attract the male consumers? Christ, let’s not get into consumerism now or we’ll be here all day. Instead, let’s just turn off the brain for a while and enjoy these curvy imports from the American continent that is NOT obsessed with consumption... yet.
Catwalking (Members Bonus)
Except for CSI & Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson flashing her butt, or Daniele Lloyd or Taryn Manning OR the lady in this collection who appears that she might just kick your ass, WWE’s Brooke Adams, this is a gathering of true catwalking professionals. Most of who could very well snap like a twig if they tried to swing a punch at you. Although, when thinking about it, it’s often the scrawny ones you have to look out for. How did a blurb about models on the runway turn into a story of violence? Naomi Campbell isn’t even involved.

Nudography, Jennifer Blanc

Jennifer Blanc in 'Dead Men Can't Dance (1997)' and 'Friends 'Til the End (1997)'
Nudography, Joely Richardson
Joely Richardson in 'Maybe Baby (2000)' and TV's 'Lady Chatterley (1993)'
Issue 2007.07.15 | Author : The D-Man

Multitude of Miscellany

A South American who the Sun has been kind to; an Italian actress; a Spanish big Brother contestant; one of those British boobie models; a winner of America’s Next Top Model; an Oscar winning actress; Paul McCartney’s ex; an actress from Australia’s “Home and Away”; a Belgium supermodel; one of the most sought after behinds in sheer; a German actress; another one of the UK’s boobie models; another actress from Italy; the Queen of Pop in sheer; another dark haired beauty from Italy; a stunning supermodel; a stunning actress from “Transformers”; a knocked-up reality TV star or whatever she is; an Aussie in what can’t be a regulation bikini; if there was such a thing as perfection (which there is not) this supermodel painting breasts could just be that; a former “Six Feet Under” cast member in very revealing sheer; and ending with a model doing one of those cliché shoots with a snake but we’re not really complaining.
Warming Globe Brings Shrinking Swimwear and Paparazzi Infestation (Members Bonus)
What’s in a bikini? Well, it’s usually a woman. Sometimes when a bet has gone awry or alcohol is introduced into the equation; it can be a rotund and hairy man. However, since this is not a site about the large and furry male celeb, we will be featuring the female celebrity variety in bikinis. This summer has been particularly bountiful in the celeb caught in a bikini department due to an every growing and world wide infestation of paparazzi. They truly are every where. It’s sad but at the same time, interesting enough to spark the small portion of the mind that is easily entertained. Here are some of the latest to thrill our simple minds: Oscar winner and surprisingly not-so-voluptuous Hilary Swank, Mariah Carey living the hard life, classic supermodel Stephanie Seymour showing us she should still be modeling, and a handful of others...

Nudography, Jessica

If you think this includes a real nude shot of Jessica Alba you are dreaming. A nipple peek plus some good strategic shots. Plenty of Jessica Collins, Jessica Harper and Jessica Lange.
Nudography, Joey
Often mistaken for Renee Zellweger, Joey-Lauren Adams here in 'Mallrats (1995)', 'Chasing Amy (1997)' and 'S.F.W. (1994)'. Cannot find any info on Joey Anders. Is the name wrong? Joey Heatherton, thats a while back.
Issue 2007.07.13 | Author : The D-Man

Too Hot For Words

Colombia’s Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain is not only too hot for the need to say anything that would contribute any more to this piece but it’s also the fact that we’re experiencing one of the few sweltering days of the year up in Canada. Our brains have turned to mush. So we’re just going to be silent today and enjoy the heat that is Pampita...
Again With The Heat
Camilla Sjoberg is an Italian model and maybe slash actress and is not cooling things down...

Downstairs Corrected

Downstairs Corrected It seems we’ve been having problems with our scripts lately and some pictures keep getting removed from our articles right before publication. The following images were meant to be part of the “Downstairs” features from the July 9th update. Here’s the more well-rounded story of Vida Guerra: "From the South (Cuba) is Vida Guerra who’s famous for asset (or assets depending how you look at it) downstairs and like other models with some modesty, apparently showing that itty-bitty portion downstairs where the lower back and the great divide meet is a no no. Yet, showing the entire hemispheres is just dandy."
Nudography, Mix A Bit
Bit of mix. Tia Carrere in 'Back in the Day (2005)', Tamara LaSeon-Bass in 'Baby Boy (2001)', Theresa Russell in 'Bad Timing (1980) and 'Eureka (1984)', Theresa Randel in 'Girl 6 (1996)', Tatum O'Neal in 'Circle of Two (1980)'

HD T and A (Members Bonus)

With high definition TV and now these high quality (HQ) images of celebrities on the ‘net, there’s almost nothing these celebrities can hide. It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago, us old folks (born before 1980) had to browse the internet on our 800x600 screens of resolution where recognizing a nipple from a freckle was nearly impossible at times. (What a sad story.) Now, these images can be as large as 5000 pixels across and spotting a sweat gland hole on a nipple can be done from 10 feet away. Here are some very high rez celebrity photos for those into sweat gland holes.
Issue 2007.07.11 | Author : The D-Man

Photo Retoucher Breaks All The Rules and Does NOT Erase Brooke Burke's Nipples

Young and brash intern photo retoucher Kevin Wilder did what any wise person would do and noticed that there was no need to alter what is the near perfection of Brooke Burke. Too many times has Kevin found many of Brooke’s previous photos featuring what is clearly an exposed breast under sheer material to be nippleless rendering her alien-like. He also recently found untouched candid photos of Burke at a site called Babes of Babylon (visit it, it’s good) where she was prancing around in a white bikini and he couldn’t help but feel scared for his job seeing that Brooke looked better natural and untouched by Photoshop than most do all made-up. Luckily, he found work elsewhere by getting a very lucrative by labour intensive job being the official retoucher for Stacy Ferguson’s portrait photographer.
Various Varying Variety
A Canadian singer’s undercarriage; a model who’s been in BlueNudes; a lady doing the sexiest Larry King impression ever – if that’s even possible; a Lost actress; a Desperate Housewife; a Brazilian supermodel; an Aussie actress; an actress who was Zach Braff’s fiancé in The Last Kiss; a Brit’s bottom; a German TV personality; an American actress; a Canadian actress; a British model; a former NYPD Blue actress; a Brit; an Argentine; a spicy actress from Without a Trace; another actress from the U S and A; a Fergie; and model who likes to model her body for all.

Photography of the Fine Kind (Members Bonus)

The models aren’t too shabby either. However, it’s amazing how the right photographer can make a pretty girl beautiful. It often doesn’t take a bunch of make-up or fancy clothes. In fact, some of the most stunning photos of models quite often don’t have any make-up or clothing involved at all. Take this great collection of some well known women and lesser known models captured by a talented photographer.
Nudography, Various Under The T
Hundreds of caps for all.
Issue 2007.07.09 | Author : The D-Man


From Northern Europe (UK) comes Lucy Pinder who’s famous for her assets upstairs and even more popular now that she’s decided that everything upstairs is worth showing off.
From the South (Cuba) is Vida Guerra who’s famous for asset (or assets depending how you look at it) downstairs and like other models with some modesty, apparently showing that itty-bitty portion downstairs where the lower back and the great divide meet is a no no. Yet, showing the entire hemispheres is just dandy.

Paparazzi Potpourri (Members Bonus)

A report featuring sun drenched celebrities who decided wearing skimpy outfits on public beaches can sometimes be good for their careers... or they just like to be normal and go outside. These normal people include a large collection of more recent bikini clad Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan rehabbing in cut-offs, a newer, deeper, more thoughtful Paris Hilton, the Affleckted One Jennifer Garner, sexy Eva Mendes, tennis warrior Serena Williams, pop cutie Hilary Duff amongst a few others.
Jessica Biel Revisited (Members Bonus)
Actress Jessica Biel and her outer smoking shell was spotted earlier this year on a sea-craft in a very complimenting pink bikini. While some of this photo footage has been seen here before, most if not all of this collection is of a better and bigger quality and it is a more complete series overall. This also includes Jessica getting fit in another piece of pink swimwear...

Nudography, Heather Graham

Plenty of nude scenes for Heather Graham.
Nudography, Molly Ringwald
Molly Ringwald in Malicious (1995).

Nudography, Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe in 'Stakeout (1987)'
Issue 2007.07.07 | Author : The D-Man

Seven Seven Seven

So what do you do on this rare day of the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the century? Many are getting married because today is supposed to be an especially lucky day and we all know luck is what keeps a marriage together. For us, we thought we would show seven rare beauties of the fashion model industry. Rare in the sense that you don’t see girls this beautiful on any ole day. So here are seven rarities: Aleksandra Fudala of Poland, Fabiana Semprebom of Brazil, Kat Bespyatikh of Moldavia, Linda Vojtova of the Czech Republic, Marija Vujovic of Serbia, Nicole Trunfio and Pania Rose of Australia.
Eva Longoria Knows How To Wear White Bikini
Fictional Desperate Housewife and soon to be real-life desperate housewife Eva Longoria is, according to visual research, a very talented wearer of bikinis. Whether they be pink, blue, gold, or invisible, she has honed her craft or art if you will of dawning skimpy two-pieced swimwear. Researchers hope to gather more data to confirm their reports.

Further Reports Indicate Longoria DOES Wear Bikini Well (Members Bonus)

This just in: Researchers have found even more photos (in HQ) of Eva Longoria looking good in that white and newly discovered shiny-metal-ish bikini...
Rebecca Warms Our Gay Hearts (Members Bonus)
What did you call me? Are you implying that one of my major organs is homosexual? No, no you homophobic paranoid. We’re just playing with words. Besides, we’re obviously using gay as in “happy” seeing that a little known but very cute actress decided to play on a yacht recently wearing nothing but a little black bikini bottom. Now, if seeing her man friend Doctor McSteamy in all his buff glory wearing nearly the same thing is what makes your heart “happy” – then yes, you might have a gay heart. And that’s ok.

The Price Was Wrong Mate

So sorry gents... but these pictures of the Aussie Price Is Right model Sarita Stella were meant to be included with the others in our article from a few days ago. So here they are...
Nudography, Catherine McCormack
Catherine McCormack in 'Braveheart (1995)'

Nudography, The Many Kates (Members Bonus)

Kate Beckinsale, Kate Capshaw, Kate Gartside, Kate Hudson, Kate Jenkin, Kate McClafferty, Kate Nauta, Kate Norby, Kate Vernon, Kate Walsh and Kate Winslet.
Issue 2007.07.05 | Author : The D-Man

Calendar Only 7 Months Old

So we’re a little late with this 2007 calendar featuring British model and actress Kelly Brook. Isn’t this a little refreshing to have something come out late rather than something coming out so early (like these calendars so often do) that it’s stale before the year has even began? Or are we over rationalizing for our tardiness? Either way, it’s still good for another 5 months.
The Price Is Right Mate
Danielle Atkin, Kathy Lloyd, Samantha Steele (of which we have some amazing nudes of in the databasefrom 2005) and Sarita Stella are Australia’s equivalent to America’s Barker’s Beauties. (We believe they’re called Bob’s Girls.) What else can one say about models who wave their arms around great prizes that could all be yours IF The Price Is Right?!

Behind The Scenes (Members Bonus)

Stunning supermodel Marisa Miller was recently found to be photographed playing in the waves dawning a little bikini. Funny that. Here are a few others in some behind the scenes documentation of what they do to pay the bills.
Emptying The Stock Room (Members Bonus)
We’ve had these great HQ of this particular British model slash actress sitting around thinking they were already in the database but alas, they were not. So now they are and here they are in all their High Def glory.

Nudograpy, Marisa

Marisa Allasio, Marisa Coughlan, Marisa Tomei
Issue 2007.07.03 | Author : The D-Man

Parents Pigeon Hole Daughter By Naming Her Kitty

What are the chances that a poor little girl with the unfortunate name of Kitty would grow up to be a bosomy nude pinup model? Either we’re idiots to think that Kitty is the name her parents actually gave her or her parents had her whole life planned out for her since the beginning. “Our child is going to grow up to have a career showing off her breasts. So we shall name her Kitty.” Said the Leas.
The Week In Rearview
A visual retrospective of the rear perspective showing the week's past internet appearances of famous and semi-famous backsides, hams, buns, derrieres, keisters, hineys, sterns, asses, beams, fannies, behinds, hind ends, bottoms, poop shutes, breeches, rumps, poopers, duffs, seats, hunkers, bums, tails, butts, rear ends, cans, posteriors, cheeks, fundaments, arses, haunches, hinders, prats, rears, tail ends, tokuses, booties, the seat of one's pants...

HD T n A (Members Bonus)

With high definition TV and now these high quality (HQ) images of celebrities on the ‘net, there’s almost nothing these celebrities can hide. It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago, us old folks (born before 1980) had to browse the internet on our 800x600 screens of resolution where recognizing a nipple from a freckle was nearly impossible at times. (What a sad story.) Now, these images can be as large as 5000 pixels across and spotting a sweat gland hole on a nipple can be done from 10 feet away. Here are some very high rez celebrity photos for those into sweat gland holes.
Nudography, Tanya Roberts
Hot mom Midge Pinciotti on That 70's Show, Tanya Roberts way back in 'Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984)', 'Night Eyes (1990)', 'Almost Pregnant (1992)' and 'Inner Sanctum (1991)'

Nudography, Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette in 'Four Sided Triangle (1990) and 'The Lost Highway'
Issue 2007.07.01 | Author : The D-Man

More Than Meets The Eye, Hopefully

Megan Fox is so ridiculously beautiful that you hope that there’s substance behind that pretty exterior. Like her upcoming film, Transformers; you hope it’s not just eye candy that dilates your pupils and gets your heart pumping but actually has a cool, well thought-out and edgy story to balance it out and make one complete package. If we had to pick one to fulfill our hope on that little fantasy, our money is on Megan. We’re childhood fans of Transformers but its movie director has had a poor record of doing more that meeting the eye.
What A Pair
Yes, Sophie Howard and Lindsey Anne Strutt are quite a pair. A pair of British models who have two things in common but we have yet to put our finger on them. Anybody?

Eyes Up Here Buddy (Members Bonus)

Seems no man is immune to making that unconscious glance at a full bouquet of breast on display. Even fellow ladies can’t help but take a gander when faced with such an obvious sign for attention. Of course, the etiquette is to make that glance quick. No lingering. Especially when attempting a conversation. Otherwise, you’re considered a disrespectful perv. Seems unfair at times to test a man that way. They often fail. Perhaps, men should turn the game around and start displaying some sack fold to see if the ladies could resist such an irresistible sight. I imagine just a lot of pointing and laughing and perhaps, a lawsuit or two.
Backstage With Gemma Atkinson (Members Bonus)
She plays Lisa Hunter in the UK show “Hollyoaks” and has had a growing presence on the ole www due to, well, you’ll see in these very high rez behind the scenes photos of her calendar shoot. We’ve thrown in some other shots that we had lying around the warehouse of Gemma. Of course, “warehouse” meaning our hard drive.

Nudography, Michelle Monaghan

Michelle Monaghan in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)'
Nudography, Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)'

Nudography, Claire Danes

Claire Danes in 'Stage Beauty'
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