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Issue 2007.06.29 | Author : The D-Man

British Threesome

Like the headline implies; they are British and there are three of them: Emily Scott, Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh. However, the implication that they are involved in a “threesome” is not what is documented here. It’s just a word byte to get your attention for those of you that read. For those who don’t read, the sexy little thumbnail image of Emily Scott just next to this scribbling should grab your interest just fine.
Paparazzi Prey (Members Bonus)
More victims falling prey to their own celebrity to the point they can’t even vacation without someone making a profit off of their image. Oh crap. It appears we’re one of those bottom lake feeders too. What happened? Oh wait, we’re just commenting on the freak show that is the celebrity media frenzy by showing examples of what these scum suckers produce for all to see. Yeah, that’s it. We can sleep tonight. We also think, in the end, these celebrities will – if they’re smart about it - be “ok” too.

Nudography Christina Ricci

Her nude appearances from “Black Snake Moan”
Nudography, Phoebe Cates
Phoebe Cates, shown here in the film that made her famous 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)' and 'Paradise (1982)'
Issue 2007.06.27 | Author : The D-Man

Isabeli Fontana Is A Trip

Readers... um, gawkers of the SI swimsuit issue will recognize this Brazilian beauty for her appearances for the last few years in that infamous sports magazine’s annual issue. However, it’s actually her most recent editorial work that has grabbed our attention. We have a bias for this kind of photo spreads but sadly, it’s the tabloid nonsense that gets most of the interweb’s attention these days. Take it in while you can...
A Pretty Pole
She’s pretty. She’s Polish. She’s Joanna Krupa. She’s never had such an in-depth bio as this one.

Best Seats In The House (Members Bonus)

Too many times have live shows been a major disappointment because the seats were so far away from the action that you may as well stayed home and watched it on TV. Well, the internet has made the seats even better than TV by allowing us to view high def photos like these ones. Of course, you don’t get the music like you do at the live shows (or on TV) but you do get the time to visually enjoy the likes of the stunning Carmen Electra, the enduring Pamela Anderson, the sex moves of Shakira and the lovely Aida Yespica. Plus, you don’t have to listen to the obnoxious music which makes these shots of Christina Aguilera’s dirty phase bearable.
Nudography, Rose McGowan
Charmed one Rose McGowan here nude in 'The Doom Generation (1995)'

Nudography, Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick shown here in 'Loverboy (2005)'
Issue 2007.06.25 | Author : The D-Man

The Jessicas in Gentlemens Quarterly

They seem nice.
Lucy Pinder Has Nipples
Like the elusive Sasquatch, the nipples of British model Lucy Pinder have had their existence hotly debated in the celebrity forums and blogs. The pro-nipple side won an enormous victory recently when one British gent’s mag published irrefutable evidence that Ms. Pinder does indeed possess these love buttons. Some called it a hoax. Others called it a rather pleasant find. For the non-believers, here is yet another and new set of photographic evidence which some call the smoking gun... or guns if you will.

Breaking Oops News (Members Bonus)

Like George Bush going a week without a new comedic moment worthy of the Late Show is like BS going a week without showing a nipple or a but cheek or a front bum worthy of CNN. What?! CNN?! Yeah, CNN loves the celebrity Oops these days. What do you expect? They have to run this tabloid filler seeing that the world’s affairs are so dull these days with it’s wars, environmental crisis’s, corporate corruption, nuclear saber rattling, poverty and genocide blah blah blah. Thank god for famous titties popping out in public so CNN can have something to do.
Nudography, Linnea Quigley
American Lennea Quigley in multiple caps and scans.

Nudography, Samantha Ferris

Samantha Ferris in 'The Ranch'
Issue 2007.06.23 | Author : The D-Man

Under Their Wears

A little gallery of better known models in their skivvies...
A Little of This A Little of That
A British footballer’s girlfriend; an Argentine; a knockout Latin BlueNudes model; a wet Oscar winner; an original Pussycat Doll; a supermodel from the 80s; a French actress; a young actress under the water; a ridiculously busty BlueNudes model; a bootyful young actressl; a pretty Polish model; a Brit model; the lead singer of Aqua; a German model actress person; an OC star in slight sheer; a stunning Italian; a chesty UK model; a Spanish singer; Jude Law’s ex; a model with no info; a lot soaking flesh; and the southern view of a South American model.

Even More Emptying of the Stock Room (Members Bonus)

Another large gathering of semi-interesting celebrity pictures (with some odd gems) that we’ve had stored in the back stock room gathering dust that we never brought out to the show room, until now.
Nudography, Jane March
Hot Brit Jane March in 'Color of Night (1994)' and scenes from her first film 'Amant, L' (1992) AKA The Lover'

Nudography, Elodie Bouchez

L' Words Elodie Bouchez in multiple films.
Issue 2007.06.21 | Author : The D-Man

Abbey Diaz Is Also Cinthia Fernandez

Turns out an internet model known as Abbey Diaz who we originally thought was just that: a model with a webcam and a hot body is or was also a participant in Argentina’s version of Big Brother. So she’s a non-celeb celeb two times over but we don’t seem to mind.
More Emptying of the Stock Room (Members Bonus)
Another large gathering of semi-interesting celebrity pictures (with some odd gems) that we’ve had stored in the back stock room gathering dust that we never brought out to the show room, until now.

Nudography, Lena Olin

Swedish actress Lena Olin in 'Enemies: A Love Story (1989)'
Nudography, Laura Dern
Issue 2007.06.19 | Author : The D-Man

These Chicks Are Unreal

No really, they are. Yet, the shows they became famous on claim to be reality. Blah blah blah. We’ve said it before how we don’t think reality TV is truly documented moments of these people’s lives. So let’s just get on with it and look at the pictures already.
HD Lingerie (Members Bonus)
Model Lisa Gleave shows off how the digital age has added a whole new dimension to flipping through the undies section in the Sears catalogue. Now if we could get Victoria’s Secret to release their catalogues in HD (or “HQ” of you prefer) like these images, then you’d have something worth writing home about. Mmm, perhaps, that saying isn’t quite appropriate for this setting.

Nudography Milla Jovovich

Fashion model turned actress in some of her more recent nude scenes in such films as “No Good Deed” and “45” among others...
Nudography, Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman (1990)' (body double?)

Nudography, Julia Parton

Aka adult film actress Nina Alexander. Found out she is a distant cousin of Dolly Parton so changed her name to Julia Parton. 5'4" 34D-22-34.
Issue 2007.06.17 | Author : The D-Man

Beyond The Third Page

Thanks should probably go the internet for providing an even bigger outlet for the British pinup model to make their mark on to the consciousness of the horny boy crowd which is roughly 100% of the world’s male population. Usually, these Brit tabloid models are only known to the locals, but now, these girls of the third page have become internationally known for... uh, being naked.
Emptying of the Stock Room (Members Bonus)
Another large gathering of semi-interesting celebrity pictures (with some odd gems) that we’ve had stored in the back stock room gathering dust that we never brought out to the show room, until now.

Nudography, Julia Stiles

Almost, always almost. Some 'almosts' of Julia Stiles.
Nudography, Julia Schacht
Julia Schacht in the nasty Norwegian film 'Naboer (2005)' (Next Door)
Issue 2007.06.15 | Author : The D-Man

Various Varying Variety

A South American model; a Canadian pop-singer; an Argentine who is awesome; a British bubblegum dance group (what THAT is) member; an America pop-singer; a British TV actress; a German actress; an Oscar winner; a Pole; another Argentine; a English actress; a Dutch actress; a young actress who really needs to get her shit to-geh-tha; an icon; a Swiss actress slash model; a sexy American TV actress; an Aussie TV star; a Desperate Housewife in her knickers; a Romanian DJ; David Beckham’s one-time mistress; one of the many beautiful views of an L Word actress; another American actress; a Cuban model; and lastly, a cast member of Lost seen here in a movie doing a subtle nude scene.
Sporting Wood (Members Bonus)
Seeing that the US Elections are now experiencing some premature electilation by starting their campaigning and debates already, let’s do a little premature salute of our own to the Olympics which is a mere 14 months away. Some of these female athletes have been and/or will again be competing for their respective countries in the Olympics while some of the others, like the figure skaters, may hold off for a little longer until it gets bit colder and then head off to Vancouver in 2010.

Nudography, Juliette Marquis

Ukrainian Juliette Marquis in 'This Girl's Life (2003)' and 'Into the Sun (2005)'
Nudography, Juliette Binoche
Well known French actress Juliette Binoche in 'The English Patient (1996)', 'Vie de famille, La (1985)' and more recently 'Breaking and Entering (2006)'
Issue 2007.06.13 | Author : The D-Man

Super In Many Eyes

Most models in the fashion world don’t make it to “super” status. If everyone did, then how’d we differentiate between who was better than the other? Clearly, we need to make sure everyone is clearly defined and put into their place. Otherwise, EVERYONE will think these pretty girls are super and that would just be pure anarchy.
Airing In Argentina (Members Bonus)
In North America, we often affectionately and not so affectionately call the television set the “boob tube” and after seeing these TV stars from Argentina, we wonder if they call their TVs the “booty tubey.” Probably not, because that sounds stupid.

Nudography, Julie Depardieu

Daughter of Gerard Depardieu, French Julie Depardieu has more than 50 productions, mostly films to her name in 13 years of acting. Whoa!. Here in 'Examen de minuit, L' (1998)' aka Midnight Exam.
Nudography, Julie Delpy
French actress Julie Delpy in 'An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)'.
Issue 2007.06.11 | Author : The D-Man

A Curvy Career

Michelle Marsh is what might be considered as a veteran boobie model even though in reality she’s only been doing it for a few years. However, in modeling years, that’s a lifetime career. Although, it seems like everything in the media these days has little to no shelf life. Silly media.
Behind The Scenes
Actress Sienna Miller was recently seen behind the scenes on the set of the upcoming “The Best Time of Our Lives” wearing what appears to be an outfit pre-dating the era of women burning their bras. Yet, it’s clear that Sienna is not wearing a bra under her vintage garb. Meanwhile, here are a handful of others caught backstage.

HD T n A (Members Bonus)

With high definition TV and now these high quality (HQ) images of celebrities on the ‘net, there’s almost nothing these celebrities can hide. It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago, us old folks (born before 1980) had to browse the internet on our 800x600 screens of resolution where recognizing a nipple from a freckle was nearly impossible at times. (What a sad story.) Now, these images can be as large as 5000 pixels across and spotting a sweat gland hole on a nipple can be done from 10 feet away. Here are some very high rez celebrity photos for those into sweat gland holes.
Nudography, Julie Graham
Popular Scotish TV actress Julie Graham in 'Preaching to the Perverted (1997)' and 'The Near Room (1995)'

Nudography, Julie Michaels

Appearing in over 30 productions Julie Michaels here in 'Road House (1989)' and 'Point Break (1991)'. Both films staring Patrick Swayze, she is well known for beating up Keanu Reeves in Point Break.
Issue 2007.06.09 | Author : The D-Man

International Site Seeing

Starting in Britain, we have pinup model Emily Scott who’s making her way through the various men orientated mags this year. Then it’s off to Mexico to see actress Iran Castillo just before a onger stop in Brazil to see model Vanessa Guerrao.
Eyes Up Here Buddy (Members Bonus)
Seems no man is immune to making that unconscious glance at a full bouquet of breast on display. Even fellow ladies can’t help but take a gander when faced with such an obvious sign for attention. Of course, the etiquette is to make that glance quick. No lingering. Especially when attempting a conversation. Otherwise, you’re considered a disrespectful perv. Seems unfair at times to test a man that way. They often fail. Perhaps, men should turn the game around and start displaying some sack fold to see if the ladies could resist such an irresistible sight. I imagine just a lot of pointing and laughing and perhaps, a lawsuit or two.

Nudography, Julie Newmar

Famous for Batman TV series (as Catwoman) also appeared on Columbo, The Bionic Woman, McMillan and Wife, The Love Boat, ChiPs, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, Star Trek, The Monkees, F Troop, Beverly Hillbillies, Route 66, Phil Silvers, The Twilight Zone, ...
Nudography, Julie Smith
German Julie Smith AKA Julie K. Smith has shown her big-uns on over 30 films. Former PH Pet this hot lady has worked hard in her 20 year career.
Issue 2007.06.08 | Author : The D-Man

A Czech and a Canuck

Czech Alzbeta Syrovatkova and Canuck Daria Werbowy both work in the world of fashion by modeling their “looks” to sell stuff that we apparently need to be hip to the in crowd. Ok, so it passively aggressively sounds like we’re not a fan of the fashion industry. However, this silly industry does hire some of the most talented photographers and haltingly beautiful models in the world. Other than that we find the whole freak show just that. Now, if fashion didn’t take itself so damn seriously, we might give it more slack.
Silver Tongued Sarah
Normally, it can be a bit of a turn-off when someone KNOWS they are funny or when someone KNOWS they are hot. Strangely, Sarah Silverman is both of those people and we don’t seem to mind. She doesn’t hold back her mouth in the prissy environment that is Hollywood which is probably why she only lasted one season on Saturday Night Live. SNL tends to be cowards when it comes to truly edgy comedy. Especially, when it comes from a woman. Even after 30 years, Lorne Michaels likes to keep it a boys club. Silly Lorne. Truly funny women are rare and you let one go.

The Beaches Are Back (Members Bonus)

Recently, the paparazzi have documented some celebrities sporting their summer wears in which they show off their famous bodies. Take Eva Longoria and Brooke Burke for example. These shots show off some of the reason why they famous because they look great from head to toe with little to no Photoshop. Fans might say “Yay, finally!” but don’t get too excited. This isn’t the same Britney we had forced down our throats in the early 2000s. It looks like she’s trying to get back to old form both musically and visually but let’s face it; she was never strong in either department.
Nudography, Tracy Ryan
Tracy Smith (actually Tracy Ryan) in Hollywood Sins

Nudography, Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith in Mr. Hell
Nudography, Tracey Hutson
Tracey Hutson in 'Rated X' where she played Marilyn Chambers
Issue 2007.06.05 | Author : The D-Man

Beer Its Whats For Breakfast

According to an article in a men’s magazine, beer is actually good for you. Of course, you should always rely on a men’s magazine for your health information. Especially, if Nikkala Stott and Ami Groove are naked right next to this solid information. Of course, we do agree beer has its benefits. The facts laid out here might even be true. However, if beer is what you’re having for breakfast or if the ladies in the bars look like these too ladies but only at the END of the evening, then you might want to stop rationalizing that a lot of beer is good for you.
Strategic Nudes
Visually studying the art of covering one’s privates for the camera. Some use a hand and others may use both hands. While others may use a limb such as an arm or a leg to strategically cover the FCC hating parts of the body. In some instances, one will get creative and use a foreign object to obscure. This could be a scarf, a clam shell, a puppy dog or the fig leaf made famous by the Christians. Sometimes it’s as simple as contorting the body away from the camera just ever so slightly.

International Site Seeing (Members Bonus)

International Site Seeing (Members Bonus) Jaunting over to the UK we visit pinup model Kate Booth while then making a transatlantic flight to Argentina to take in Nicole Neumann. Then we head North to Mexico for some Ninel Conde action (like that’s ever going to happen) and then we go back across the the Atlantic to England where we meet a student (of legal age you dirty bastards) who happens to be quite delicious and goes by the surname Seren.
Nudography Roselyn Sanchez
The sexy star of TV’s “Without a Trace” seen here nude in the movie “Yellow”

Nudography, Tess Broussard

Tess Broussard in 'Carnal Confessions (2004)', 'Hollywood Sins (2000)' and 'Survivors Exposed (2001)'
Issue 2007.06.03 | Author : The D-Man

A Chimpanzees Girlfriend

Apparently, Argentine model Amalia Granata is the lucky lady to land a spastic hairy old gorilla as a boyfriend. We kid Robin Williams because we love. So it looks like Robin is big in Argentina. Yet, while prancing around naked in Central Park with Jeff Bridges, he didn’t seem all that big. (See The Fisher King for silly reference.)
A Strangers Girlfriend
We don’t know which famous person Lily Tenue is dating. He might not even be famous at all. In fact, he might not even be a he but a she. All we know is that Lily is French and probably not dating anyone because she is so gosh darn ugly.

High Def a Curse or a Blessing For Celebs (Members Bonus)

With high definition TV and now these high quality (HQ) images of celebrities on the ‘net, there’s almost nothing these celebrities can hide. It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago, us old folks (born before 1980) had to browse the internet on our 800x600 screens of resolution where recognizing a nipple from a freckle was nearly impossible at times. (What a sad story.) Now, these images can be as large as 5000 pixels across and spotting a sweat gland hole on a nipple can be done from 10 feet away. Here are some very high rez celebrity photos for those into sweat gland holes.
Nudography, Tracy Ryan
American Tracy Ryan in multiple steamy roles. Stolen Kisses (2001), Close Enough to Touch (2002), Instinct to Kill (2001)

Nudography, Trine Michelsen

Scans and caps of Danish actress rine Michelsen.
Issue 2007.06.01 | Author : The D-Man

Behind The Scenes Indeed

Depending on your preferences, sometimes the waskily (that’s a word isn’t it?) paparazzi get a better angle at a photo shoot than say, the talented photographer on set. Take these new behind the scenes shots of Jessica Alba and supermodel Karolina Kurkova for example. Not sure what the point of what we just said was. Maybe just take a gander at what a paparazzo gandered at before you gander at the real photos when they hit the presses.
Sophie Howard Is Naked Again
It’s hardly news that British pinup model is showing her breasts again but neither is the Anna Nicole Smith debacle but CNN seems to think it is. CNN, get out of our nonsense but saucy news turf! Go back to reporting the boring but important stuff. Geez.

Oops (Members Bonus)

Lindsay Lohan is at it again with her nipple showing ways. She’s so incorrigible. As is the rest of these celebrities with their boob showing shenanigans.
Nudography, Sex
A couple of girls know more for the sex than the acting. Tawny Kitaen and Tracey Lords.
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